Monday, September 14, 2009

Shopping Sunday

My parent’s came over on Sunday to go to church with us, and to the church festival afterwards.  After we had had our fill of yummy chicken and the girls had played every game at least 3 times, we left to go pick Shawn’s car up as it was left in Grand Rapids on Friday (long story).  I also needed to exchange Alivia’s leotard for gymnastics, and my Mom decided to ride with me.  My Dad wanted to make sure that if he left with Shawn and the girls that my Mom and I wouldn’t be gone shopping “all day.”  I assured him that I only had to go to Target, so if we were gone “all day” it wouldn’t be my fault.  We arrived home a short (in my book) 3.5 hours later, but with many great finds!


I got these Liz Claiborne heels from TJ Maxx, they are a chocolate color, and are so cute!  I’ve had heels on my mind ever since Stephanie blogged about them a few days ago!



This lamp also came from TJ Maxx and was only $29.99!  I love it!  I’ve been looking forever for a lamp to go on my bedside table, and this one is perfect.  Shawn even liked it!

The detail on the base is so cool, doesn’t it kind of look like an elephant’s skin?DSC_0589


I was looking for a new gym bag, and we found this Kenneth Cole Tote also at, yes, TJ Maxx.  It was only $19.99, and the manufacturer’s price tag said $100!  My Mom actually bought this for me as an early birthday present:)  A little early, but I didn’t feel too bad because in August my sister asked her to buy something she saw for a Christmas present!  Anyway, the bag has a ton of pockets and I should be able to fit all my gym necessities.


And, last but not least, I got a super cute Halloween t-shirt from Target.  I’m not usually one for “holiday” t-shirts, but I like to have a Halloween one to wear to the girl’s Halloween parties at school.


By the way, my Dad did consider 3.5 hours to be all day…maybe next time he should give an exact time limit?


Jenny.Lee said...

Awesome finds! I love TJ Maxx.

Hillary said...

LOVE LOVE the lamp!!! All good finds, but the lamp (and maybe the tshirt too are my favs.)

3.5 hours is less than 1/6 of "all day" so maybe your dad was being a little dramatic, but don't tell him I said so.

Christa said...

Love all of your finds! Those shoes and the lamp are too cute!!

Stephanie said...

I agree with Hillary. The lamp rocks! Now I need to take a trip to TJ Maxx. Side note: love that you included pics of your finds - I thought I was the only crazy one that did that :)

Laura and Ryan said...

I NEED some TJ max in my life right now. Love the lamp and the Halloween shirt is SO COOL! I love festive shirts...I guess it's the teacher in me. I only draw the line at puff paint!