Saturday, October 24, 2009

Any Questions?

This is me:


This is me working on Alivia’s fire safety project:

(Side note, Lainey looks a little terrible, but this is actually better than yesterday when her fever was much higher.  Thank God, for the Tamiflu the doctor called in for both of them!)



This is me after white out, erasers, and 1 hour of fire safety:


Any questions?

Author note:  The wine in these photos was strictly used a prop, I would never sip wine while working on homework.  Seriously.


Emily said...

Love the hat! You pull it off VERY well!

Christa said...

Lol you are too funny! A glass of wine sounds so good right now! I have been typing a research paper ALL day!

Stephanie said...

Oh Yeah! I have a glass of wine in my hand right now as a "prop" too! :)

Hillary said...

I only believe the "prop" comment because the volume in the glass didn't go down. However, I'm not so sure you weren't refilling it with the bottle that was stashed under the coffee table.

Heather said...

You are so pretty!! All you girls look so cute!

Anonymous said... the hat girl! Loved you comment...the sad part is I was wearing 4 inch heels! He is 6'2" and I am 5ft even. Go figure! hahaha--hope you had a great weekend! I need some of your prop!

Kristin said...

I might need wine to work on homework. Or better yet...a glass of bubbly. Ah ha