Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birthday treat post #1

I’ve seen a lot of people post recipes on their blogs, but so far I haven’t because honestly, I’m no cook.  I won’t even pretend to be.  I’m lucky enough to have the best husband in the world who does all the cooking!  Seriously.  I can, however, make dessert like nobody’s business.  I decided to make Snicker-Apple-Salad for my birthday treat at work tomorrow.  This is a super simple, super yummy recipe anyone can make!


  • One 16 oz. container cool whip (I used light) thawed


  • One 3.5 oz box French Vanilla  instant pudding


  • Four large apples cored and diced (I used Granny Smith apples)


  • Six Snickers candy bars (or one bag fun size Snickers) diced



  • Mix the Cool Whip and French Vanilla pudding with a beater, set aside.
  • Dice Snickers and set aside.
  • Wash, core, and cube apples.  You may peel them if you like, I didn’t because I’m a slacker!  The green apple peels also actually give the salad a little more color.  Make sure everything else is prepared before you dice the apples.  If you dice the apples and set them aside, they may start getting brown before you add them to the mixture.
  • Fold apples and snickers into cool whip/pudding mixture.
  • Chill at least an hour before serving.
  • You may also want to keep 1/4 cup Snickers pieces out to top the salad with before serving.



Tomorrow I’m making cupcake cones with Alivia for her birthday treat at school, if all goes well I’ll try to post the recipe and pictures.  My mom used to make cupcake cones for us when I was little so I’m excited to make them with my girls!

P.S.  If anyone I work with reads this blog, I did not put Ex-lax in the salad like I said I was going to.  It’s totally safe to eat, I think.


Brittany said...

Sounds amazing! Happy Birthday

Jenny.Lee said...

That sounds delicious!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Wowzers...this sounds AMAZING!

Jen said...

Oh I've had this before and it is so so yummy!! Makes me wish I had all the stuff here right now, I'd be making it.