Sunday, November 1, 2009

Longest. Picture. Post. Ever.

I hope you’re sitting down, because this might be a long one! 

On Friday both the girls had their Halloween parties at school.


Lainey was Super-Girl, this is her flying out the door to school!

The preschooler’s usually go across the street to the “Big Kid” school to parade through all the rooms, but since it was raining cats and dogs they just paraded around for the parents:


“Dorothy” is Lainey’s best buddy, Emma.


Here is the whole class…getting a picture of all of them looking turned out to be impossible!


After eating all their Halloween treats, they played games.  This is Super-Girl playing the bean-bag toss.


Super-Girl and Dorothy again.  After the party Lainey went on her first ever play-date to Emma’s house.  Side note:  This was a big week of “firsts” for Lainey, on Tuesday she told me she wore her first bra.  Huh, who knew?  Not me.

While Lainey was at her play-date I went out to lunch with Shawn and did some birthday shopping for Alivia.  She’s getting a Nintendo DS for her birthday, but shhhh, don’t tell!

Alivia’s Halloween party was later in the afternoon and she was a Hippy:


Alivia with one of her best buddies, Maggie:


Her class also had a bean-bag toss:


and a put-the-bug-in-Frankenstein’s-mouth game:


The 1st graders at Alivia’s school are paired up with a 6th grade buddy for the year, here is Alivia with her 6th grade friend (unfortunately, I can’t remember her name):


The girls got dressed up in their costumes on Saturday morning to go to the Halloween party at the YMCA:


We were a little late getting to the party, but did make it in time for the costume parade:


After the costume parade we spent forever in line for the free Famous Dave’s lunch, but it was definitely worth it!  Totally delicious!

Saturday night we went trick-or-treating with my parents and my brother and his family.  We were all supposed to go to my sister’s house, but her 3 little pigs came down with the pig flu!

We went to Pizza Hut for dinner and Alivia got to use her first Book-It coupon of the year:


I can’t believe Book-It is still around!  I remember doing it when I was in elementary school!

My nephew, Ethan, dressed up as a pumpkin:


Isn’t he the cutest pumpkin ever?!

And here are the 4 tired trick-or-treaters at the end of the night:


My niece, Kaytlin, was a vampire but she had taken part of her costume off by this time.

I hope everyone else had a Happy Halloween!  We have a big day coming up at our house this week, do you know what it is?!  Stay tuned…


Samantha said...

I'm a new follower of your blog...looks like you guys had a great Halloween!! Cute kids!

Jenny.Lee said...


Hillary said...

Duh it's totally you and Alivia's birthday next week!!! That question was way too easy. I think someone is going to be the big 3-0 if I'm not mistaken?!?!

Love the halloween pics, the girls were too cute! And OMG, that was totally bucket bonaza that Alivia was plaing, straight up old school Bozo style too!!!

Jen said...

The Halloween costumes were great! I loved the Super girl costume. I really wanted to be Wonder Woman myself, but the costume was like $65.(can we say crazy)

It looked like the girls had lots of fun.

Linda said...

Sarah was super girl also. Your girls were sooo cute.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Sounds like a fabulous Halloween! And you didn't even need a Xanax. great pictures too. My Bo's little "girlfriend" was Supergirl too.