Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stop the presses please!


You are looking at the first picture ever of these two cuties sitting on Santa’s lap!  Yes, you heard that right, the first picture!  I do think Alivia sat on Santa’s lap when she was 13 months old, but it was very brief and by the time they got around to snapping the picture she was in full meltdown mode.  Don’t get me wrong, we have tried Every. Single. Year.  I’m not sure where their ingrained Santa fear came from, but I’m just thankful they were finally able to overcome it this year!  They did point out, however, that he was not the real Santa.  They were pretty sure the real Santa would be wearing a hat.  Personally, I was pretty sure the real Santa would be wearing a freakin’ Santa suit!

They also dropped their letter’s off at Macy’s while we were at the mall:



Well, if this was a weekly weekend update, I am going backwards by starting with Sunday so let’s just go with it!  On Saturday, the girls went to my parent’s house so Shawn and I could go out for our anniversary.  They always have so much fun with my parents!  They went sledding, wrapped presents, decorated their tree, went shopping, and went out to dinner.  My Dad even gave them $5 for all their “hard” work.  He definitely pays better than we do!

Shawn and I went out to dinner, and then went to see The Blind Side:


Wow!  It was such a good movie!  It was probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in a few years.  I’m not sure if that’s saying much though, since we don’t get out to adult movies very often!  Sandra Bullock was amazing in it, and Tim McGraw was much better than I expected as the Dad.  It’s definitely a movie we’ll buy when it comes out on DVD.

Now, moving onto Friday.  We can’t forget about that, can we?  Well, I did finally let the girls go outside to enjoy the white stuff.  I was hesitant because it takes a good 10 minutes just to get all those damn layers on and in the summer Lainey won’t even stay outside for more than 10 minutes.  I think I told them 100 times, “Once you come inside, you’re in, there’s no going back and forth!”  They must have realized I meant business because they were out there almost 45 minutes laughing and having the time of their life!

DSC_0146 Note to self:  Don’t ever buy a white winter coat again!


Apparently, the slide is way more fun in the snow.  They kept flying down it and then running to the stairs to do it again, it was so hysterical!



This picture cracks me up because that snow flake makes it look like Lainey has a white clown nose on!

After they came inside I made them hot totties chocolate and we spent the rest of day playing Uno, dress up, and watching Tinkerbelle and the Lost Treasure.  See, I’m not as bad of a Mom as I was making myself out to be!


Brittany said...

So jealous of your snow! I love the picture of Santa and the girls... adorable!

Emily Craft said...

Your girls are so beautiful! I absolutely loved The Blind Side! It is probably up there on my favorite movies list! Can't wait to get it when it comes out on DVD!

Abbie said...

I think you're a great mom and that's a great playset!

Leah said...

Your girls are adorable. Glad they had a chance top sit on Santa's lap. That image of them with Santa is priceless for these girls.

Christa said...

I used to be so scared of Santa as a kid too! I was also scared of Chucky Cheese, Easter Bunny, anything dressed up!!

I loved The Blind Side too! Such a good movie!! And those pics of the snow are beautiful!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Snow? You suck! And I'm hoping for a good Santa picture of my 3 this year!!! I can't wait to see The Blind Side.

Kristin said...

Ohhhhhhhhh their playset looks SO fun. They're such little cuties!

jill said...

LOVE the santa picture! i'll probably have to wait until sophie's that age before we get one too ... she HATES him! we went to see the blind side too and LOVED it! hope this week is going fast!

Blair said...

Look @ all of that snow! WOW, I am so glad it's not like that here, althought a little now and then would be nice!
The Santa pics are too cute, I love house casual Santa is. Is that the 2009 look?
Was Blindside amazing or what?? I loved it!!! And Sandra Bullock actually pulled off the Southern accent, I was nervous b/c most actors ruin it!
Have a great day!

Hillary said...

Love the pics of the girls having so much fun!!! Hope that santa brings everything on their lists, and I think you are a fantastic mom!

Llama said...

So glad the girls finally accepted Santa's lap... although I have to agree with you all...that kinda was a lousy Santa. I can't believe how much snow you have...oh boy...im just waiting for that in NY!

Amy said...

"I was pretty sure the real Santa would be wearing a freakin’ Santa suit!"....I WAS THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING!! Apparently times are tough for everyone...even Santa!

My husband and I saw the blindside and loved it!! I cried from start to finish...which is apparently the good measure of movies for me:)