Friday, March 26, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Does everyone know “The Girl Next Door?” No, no, no. Not these “Girls Next Door!”


This Girl Next Door!


On Fridays she hosts “Feel Good Friday.” For all the details on Feel Good Friday, you can click here. Long story short, there are 5 prompts you can choose from to write your post about, and they all have to do with being positive! It’s just a nice way to start the weekend with good and happy thoughts! So, click on over, and play along!

Before I get to my actual post I wanted to tell you that I’m specifically choosing to participate in Feel Good Friday this week, because the last week and a half has been a very hard week for my family. I went back and forth as to whether I would write a post on this, but I’ve finally decided just to say a little bit about it because I know there are people from my hometown who read my blog and wonder about what happened.

A little over a week ago my Dad was in a car accident. A motorcycle collided with my Dad’s truck head on, and that man was killed instantly. The morning after the accident, we found out that the man who died was my Aunt’s brother. While the accident was not my Dad’s fault, you can imagine how hard this is, for everyone involved.

That’s all I really want to say for now. Except, that I would ask you to pray for the family of the man who passed away, and for my Dad as well. So, the prompt I am choosing for Feel Good Friday is to list 5 things that make me really happy this week.

  1. I’m happy that my Dad is alive and that he wasn’t injured in the accident.
  2. I’m happy that my Dad was able to meet and talk with the wife and children of the man who died. I’m also happy that they have been so caring and compassionate towards my Dad, and that they know it wasn’t his fault, and there was nothing he could do to prevent it.
  3. I’m happy that on Sunday we are getting together at my parent’s house to celebrate Easter. I’m so excited to see my two baby nephews, and my favorite little nephew “Bubba!”
  4. I’m happy that the sun is shining, the 10 day forecast proclaims temperatures near 70, and that spring break is almost upon us!
  5. I’m happy that because spring break is almost upon us, the countdown to the “Lainey Doll” has begun…which means no more fielding questions about “How many more days until we go to the American Girl Doll Store?”…which means less gray hairs for me!

Happy Friday to everyone. To close, I wanted to share a picture with you of my Dad:


P.S. I'm planning on doing a Q&A post soon! If you have any questions for me or for my hubby, there is a link at the top of my page where it says "Ask me Anything!" There's also a button on the right hand side of the page you can use too! So, ask away! Please leave your name and/or blog with the question if you want me to link back to you.


Taylor-Made Wife said...

I'm sure that is such a tough thing for him to have to go through. I'm so glad the family of the man who died is so understanding even in their time of grieve. Your dad looks like he thoroughly enjoys being a Grandpa :)

Amy said...

Your daddy looks like such a proud pawpaw in that picture:)

I'm so glad he was not hurt in that accident. Makes you count your blessings, huh?

Have a great weekend, Tami:)

Meghan said...

I am most definitely keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers! I hope you and your family get through this rough time!

Hope you have an excellent weekend.

P.S. My best friend calls her hubby "Bubba" and I just made her a shirt that says "I Heart Bubba". Hope you have a great time with your nephews!

* Tyly * said...

Prayers are definitely sent to you and your family. Much love, Tami. I'm sorry you all are having to go through this!

Have a great time this weekend!

Sarah Grove said...

I miss talking to you on Facebook! I will keep your dad in my prayers :)

Christa said...

I'm sure this has been a tough week for your dad...praying for you and your family!

Kelsey Claire @Lavender, Leopard, and Lace said...

Oh my! I couldn't imagine. I am saying prayers for your family and the other family that is involved! So sorry you are having to go through this!

Leah said...

I'm glad that you're dad is okay. That's really something to feel good about. That's a beautiful picture of your dad with his grandchildren.

Have a great weekend Tami! xoxo

Hillary said...

You know I've been praying this whole time! The whole family has. It's just hard to know what to say, but we've been praying.

Is Alex Bubba?

J.B. said...

Prayers to all of you. That is quite a blessing to be able to connect with the man's family in loving and caring.

Melissa said...

Your dad is adorable and I am truly sorry for the tragedy that has recently occurred with your family.

MANY years ago, my grandmother was involved in a car accident that paralyzed a man and killed another - and these two individuals had been friends of her son (my uncle). It was not her fault, but she felt terrible. She still holds on to that today in one way or another.

She is apprehensive when it comes to driving and she feels very responsible for their loss.

It's tough.

I wish the best for all of you as you heal from this incident... I am sure it's not easy.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

You crazy lady! That was so funny - Tyler is still staring at The Girls Next Door Pic on his computer!

WHat an awful thing to happen, but you found the "good" and that is what Friday's are for.

I am so glad he is OK.

Erin said...


WHile I am relieved your dad is alright, I am so sorry this happened and am keeping the other man and his family in my thoughts and prayers. I imagine this must be so difficult for everyone involved. Thank you for sharing with us and I hope everyone is able to share and talk openly about it.

Amber said...

Praying for Peace and comfort for all involved:( I'm SO sorry to hear about this! said...

I am happy for you too Tami.

This is such a touching post it brought tears to my eyes. I am glad your father is okay.

My prayers go out to the family of the man who lost his life in such a tragic way.


Sazzle said...

My mom actually had told me about it and I've been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear your dad is ok!

Heidi said...

I'm glad your dad is okay, too! It's nice to see a pic of him. I don't think he's changed a bit!

Lil' Woman said...

Again, I will keep your dad and the other family in my thoughts and prayers, such a sad and unfortunate event.