Sunday, April 18, 2010

Odds and Ends.

I’m in a bit of a blogging and life funk. I have lots of posts in mind from our vacation and posts to answer your questions from my Q & A, but I really don’t feel like writing them. In fact, I’m kind of pissed off at blogging in general. Don’t hate, I’m just being honest. Bare with me, because I’m totally going to figure out something to write!

Today is my Grandmas 87th birthday! For the past few years my Mom, sister, and I have taken my Grandma shopping for her birthday. We had our shopping expedition yesterday, which usually just involves Kohl’s and maybe a couple stores at the mall. For lunch, my Grandma chose the Olive Garden because she loves the soup, salad, and breadsticks! I did get one picture at lunch, and I think it’s safe to post it because I’m pretty sure my Grandma has no idea what a blog even is.


My sister’s daughter, Alyssa was with us too, but she refused to be in the picture. Oh, and my sister reads this blog, so DO NOT say that she and I look alike. She hates it when people say that, because we honestly don’t look alike, but apparently people think all short haired woman look alike.

Would you believe that my Grandma bought her own birthday lunch? It’s true. When we were leaving Kohl’s to go to lunch she said “Now listen, when we go to lunch, I’m going to buy, and if you don’t let me buy, then I won’t eat!” Um, okay. You can’t really argue with that, can you? She did let my Mom buy dessert though!

Alright, how about a few more questions from my Q & A post?

Christa asked “What kind of nurse are you?”

I work in a privately owned (not affiliated with a hospital) outpatient surgical center. Our center is single specialty, ophthalmology (eyes). We do everything from cataract surgery and cornea transplants to plastic surgery of the eyes and face. It’s actually a very small facility, with only about 15 employees. Being so small, all the nurses are trained in each area of surgery, which is nice because it never gets boring!

Amy asked “What’s the silliest thing you and Shawn ever argued about?”

A Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt. Seriously. When I worked in the hospital I used to work weekends, and who knows what Shawn was doing while I was at work!? A few days after one weekend that I worked, he was wearing a Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt. I asked him if it was new because I’d never seen him wear it before. He said, “No.” I didn’t think anything of it, but a few days later I found the tags from the sweatshirt in the garbage. I’m not sure why he lied about it, but I hate being lied to more than anything in the whole wide world, so I was pretty pissed. To this day, he won’t admit that the sweatshirt was new or that he lied about it. Highly Suspicious!

Tyly asked “What is the farthest distance you have ever run? Were you athletic in high school?”

According to my Nike iPod trainer, the farthest distance I have ran is 8 miles. That was last summer when I was training for a 1/2 marathon, but then the boob thing happened and put a hitch in my plans!

The second question is harder, because I guess that depends on your definition of “athletic.” I was a cheerleader in high school, for both football and basketball. Most people don’t think that cheerleading is a sport, but cheering nonstop for 2+ hours at a basketball game is a lot harder than you’d think! My coach the first 2 years was also really hardcore at practice…jumps, plyometrics, and sit-ups galore!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Oh, and one more thing, do you like me answering your questions better in vlog form or writing out the answers? And don’t say vlog just because you like to watch me make an idiot out of myself!


Practically Perfect... said...

Isn't it funny what people argue about? Chris and I got in a big argument a few weeks ago over a few dishes from Wal-Mart that I wanted to get rid of! So silly!

I like the questions better in written format, just because sometimes I'm not in a place where I can have audio. But either way is fine :-)

Oh, and I think it's funny that you work in a clinic that specializes in opthalmology, and the word verification for this comment was "iresters". I'm a nerd.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Oh I love Olive Garden too. Always go there when hubby and I are in the USA and see one. Your grandma looks beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful time and yes, I think it's normal for them to want to pick up the tab. Best not to argue.

And you ran 8 miles! I could only do that if there was a great restaurant at the end of that run and a place for a quick shower and change!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday to your Grandma! I definitely don't have a preference for you answering questions -- whatever makes you comfortable!

Meghan said...

I don't know about you, but blogging can get super tedious for me sometimes, and I tend to get frustrated whenever I don't have anything to say or don't feel creative enough. Sometimes I totally need a break, so I definitely know what you mean!

And I absolutely and positively love the Olive Garden. Soup, salads and breadsticks? Sign me up! Happy Birthday to your grandmother!

Hopefully you get your prize soon, too! I am so embarrassed about the taping of the box, but it's a long story:) Hope everything arrives in one piece!

Kelsey Claire @Lavender, Leopard, and Lace said...

I feel you on the whole blogging rut. I just am not as into reading all of them ore posting! I just am not feeling very exciting. I always love it when you post!

Sazzle said...

I'm sure you have seen me take a bloging break from time to time -- please don't be frustrated! Take a breath and then come back to us!
I prefer for you to answer in text -- then I can read it on my phone!
(don't hate but what is that thing you use to publish your blogs? I have one to write)

Leah said...

You don't look like your sister at all... but you both look gorgeous.

I consider cheerleading a sports too... gosh, we did train hard like the basketball and football players right?

PS... So what did you buy yesterday?

Melissa said...

For not being motivated to write anything, you sure were able to get out a good blog post. And oddly enough, being that we seem very similar, I am feeling the same way about blogging. I have a ton of things to write about... lots of "blog ideas"... but I don't feel like writing anything. I'm not sure why. It's like I would just rather be doing something else... so I do.

My grandma loves the Olive Garden too (and she likes those same things - although the salad generally upsets her stomach). And she would definitely insist on buying her own meal. She is notorious for doing that - it wouldn't matter id it was for her own birthday or not.

I liked the vlog! I think's it cute, but I don't mind you writing them either. I just think the vlogs are neat. Again, I really should do one some time.

- Melissa

Sherrie said...

Your grandma sounds like a sweetie. Love your blog and sense of humor. :)

ty said...

I was in one of those blogging funks a few weeks ago ... it passed :) I think I was just being a lazy shit, though. I had things to say, but there were just too many words to say it, and I didn't have the strength.

Lil' Woman said...

Happy Belated to your Grandmother!!

It's so stupid to lie over little stupid things. I alwayst think that if they're willing to lie about something so small, what else are they lying mind always goes to the worst places.

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

Aw, what a lovely picture! My grandma always does that kind of thing (insisting on paying) too.

I prefer written rather than vlogs! :) But that's just because no one notices when I'm reading blogs when I should be working instead.

Christa said...

Thanks for answering my question! :) I LOVE The Olive Garden...yumm!!!

mama's smitten said...

okay ! Yum! know i'm hungry! Off to grab a skinny cow ice cream sandwich ! BTW, love your Q & A. It's fun getting to know you!

Cara Smith said...

Cheerleading is most certianly a sport. It is in fact the most dangerous sport in America based on injuries incuured.

Happy B-Day to your Grandma!

Laffylady said...

Awww..your grandma is sooo cute...what a great day out...Happy birthday to her..and you dont look like your sister..!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday to your grandmother!

I am in a blogging funk, too. I'm addicted, but also trying to step back at the same time. Ugh.

p.s. did you see my msg? Liberty of London now has lipstick?!?!

Taylor-Made Wife said...

I am feeling the same way about the blogging thing at the moment. Every once in a while I get in a rut. Don't want to write, and I like to read but not always feeling the comments.

I like answers in written form because I can't always watch a vlog.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Why are u mad at blogging? I am finding myself more and more behind and that is bringing me down, tomorrow I will explain.

I love your blog - don't hate it!

Love the vlog and blog combo, how's that?

Also, I LOVE that your grandma did that. Mine do that too - it drives me nuts, but it is their wish.

magically ordinary said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandma! Push through your anti blogging phase! It'll pass!

Danielle said...

When I'm in a funk I can't get my thoughts out without sounding like a whiny depressed chick. But please get through your funk...I need your humor to make my days better:)

Just Add Walter said...

I am in a blogging funk too! Hope you get out of yours quickly!