Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Minute: Be your own hero.


 (creepy picture and all!)

Yes, I’m here!  It’s really me!  I’m coming out of retirement to do Monday Minute because it’s Ian’s last official time hosting.  Sad, but true.  If you’ve never participated, what are you waiting for?

Ok, enough chit chat…on with the questions!

1.  Have you ever lied on one of your Monday Minute answers?

Nope, never.  I’ve never lied about anything on my blog, so I can say with 100% certainty that I haven’t lied on Monday Minute.

2.  What is on your bedside table?

Oh, let’s see…an iPod dock, a lamp, a coaster, magazines…  Oh hell, isn’t a picture worth 1000 words?


(Don’t judge, I was just getting ready to clean the bottom off, for real.  Yeah right, who am I kidding?)

3.  Lose your sight or hearing?

Definitely hearing, without a doubt.  Who knows, I might even like it!  Not hearing my husband snore or his super loud chewing?  Yes, please!

4.  Would you rather give up all kinds of sexual contact for one full year or give up your DVR for 3 months?

Wow.  Weird question.  I think the DVR is the obvious answer, but the more I think about it, the more I love the DVR.  Come on, it’s Fall and all the good shows are coming on soon!  Ok, fine.  I’ll give up the DVR, but the sex better be good!

5.  Name one thing that you are proud of that you’ve accomplished in your life?

Well, again, I could go with the most obvious answer of my daughters because they truly are my greatest accomplishment.  But, I’m going to step outside the box today and tell you about my greatest accomplishment as a nurse. 

Are you ready?  One time when I was working med/surg I put a Foley catheter in a 450+ pound woman!  And, I did it with only one other nurse’s aide helping, who really wasn’t much help at all.  The nurse’s aide kept trying to hold the stomach up, but like that was really possible?  Meanwhile, the patient kept telling me there was no way I was going to get it in, and I honestly believed her.  I swear, I closed my eyes and said a prayer and held my breath, and the next thing I knew it was in.  I was a hero!


Sparkling said...

you better be back for real, not just teasing us!!!

Hillary said...

Super impressed by the foley thing!!! I once put one in a 1.5 kg baby, but somehow the 450 pounder is way more impressive.

Also a little shocked by your night stand. I don't think I've ever seen a single thing in your house out of place.

Welcome back!!!

Amethyst Moon said...

Love the nightstand picture! and wow! 450lbs! and you put a catheter in?! you are a hero!

Ian said...

LMAO at that nightstand picture. Truly awesome

Charbelle said...

That last one, OH MY!!!! Your nightstand made me laugh, only because I should take pictures and email you what my room looks like on a daily basis. Not enough space + too much clothing, I do try and I'm not a hoarder but it can be comical.

Cristy said...

HAHA! "The sex better be good." You know, glee is coming out this week, so yeah you're right it better be DAMN good!

So, you said you were out of retirement for Ian's final Monday Minute, but you HAVE to stay out of retirement because next week is my FIRST one!! : )

Chrissi said...

so glad you're back, and of course with a funny reading your blog :) I have never done Minute Monday...maybe I will today.

Anonymous said...

Yea! You're back!
Lovin' the pic of the nightstand. :)
450 lbs? Wow lady, you are amazing!
Thanks for linking up girl.

Amanda M. said...


Nikosmommy said...

So glad you're back!...being a nurse if most def a HUGE accomplishment. I can't imagine what you must go through on any given day!!

My night stand looks pretty much similar...though my "junk" in stuffed in the drawer below. And no I'll likely never clean it up!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I have to say the bottom part of the nightstand was a little shocking, but then you said not to judge so I didn't. It looks the the bottom of mine too!!!! What can I say, I'm tired and I don't look down.

Kelsey Claire said...

I am so with you on the DVR thing. I am just glad you said exactly what every women was thinking!

WhisperingWriter said...

I could NOT give up my DVR. Just sayin'

April said...

I am pretty amazed by your foley insertion :) People think working on preemies is hard, but they are WAY easier than extremely obese people...

Amy said...

"...but the sex better be good!"

Oh good Lord, Tami! A catheter? In a 450 lb woman?? ICK.

I hate catheters. That was the most painful thing about child birth for me. Of course, I don't think it's supposed to be painful. I think I got a dud nurse;(

Glad you're back!

{Kimber} said...

I'm with ya...the sex better be good to give up DVR!!!! heheeheee

Lil' Woman said...

Lol...I love your answer to the DVR one...I contemplate that sometimes myself.. :) I usually give into sex...haha

Yankee Girl said...

I have only ever put a foley in a dog or a cat. Just for the record, I think dogs (as long as they are sedated) are easier than cats.

Why did I never go to nursing school? I ask myself that question every day.