Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Update and Monday Minute with Powdered Toast?

This weekend we went to Ohio for Shawn’s family Thanksgiving celebration.  The girls love going to Ohio, and we always have a great time, but I really don’t have a lot to report on.  The highlights of the trip were:  Alivia puked on the way down, Lainey and I got to hold new baby twins, and Alivia injured her face (again).  Fortunately for all of us, I don’t have photographic evidence of the vomit incident, but here are the other two pictures:


I’m holding Hope and Lainey has JoHanna.  Lainey loved holding the babies, she would have held them all night if she could have!

And here’s Alivia:


Sigh.  It actually looks worse than that in person.  I told Shawn I was afraid someone would call CPS on us!  We didn’t see it happen, but according to Alivia she was getting a piggy-back-ride from her cousin and she went head first over his shoulders and landed face first into the carpet.  Did I mention we have to get pictures taken for the church directory next Saturday?  Do you think it’ll be gone?


And now onto Monday Minute, which apparently is hosted by Powdered Toast Man this week.

1) Would you rather be stuck on a bumpy roller coaster while having to pee extremely bad OR be stuck on a crowded elevator with really bad gas with co-workers?

Most definitely the bumpy roller coaster.  The farts would just be embarrassing, and I know quite a few of my co-workers would call me out on it!

2) What is the one thing you miss most from your childhood?

Probably just not having any responsibility.  Isn’t it nice when someone else pays all the bills, puts the food on the table, and buys you toys?

3) If aliens exist, what do you think they look like? (describe)

For lack of a better answer, I’m going to say they would look like the Powdered Toast Man.

4) Would you rather discuss your body weight or your salary with people that you know?

Honestly, I don’t care.  I would discuss either.  However, according to my boss discussing your salary is grounds for dismissal, and I wouldn’t want that.  So, I weigh 116 pounds.  Gasp, I can’t believe I just told you that.  Now that I think about it, did I even have to answer that question?

5) If you were stuck in a predicament like in the movie Alive, could you revert to cannibalism? If so, how would you feel about eating your deceased friends and family?

No way, not ever.  I couldn’t do it.  Just thinking about it makes me gag.

6) People that are born blind, what do they dream about? Sounds?

I have no idea, and now this question is really bothering me.  It’s a mystery.  Maybe they dream about eating chocolate or smelling babies?


MommyLovesStilettos said...

Poor kid!! It's always something isn't it? One of my kids (or ME!) is always hurt.

Charbelle said...

At least she was having fun :) I totally totally agree with you on question number 2 that is how I ALWAYS answer!!! The babies are too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Poor Alivia! She looks happy I think you're safe with I always worry people will think that too...with my boys especially..such mad men.

BABIES!! uterus just ached, for about a second. ;) I think Lainey needs a baby sister or brother..get on that Mom.

116...gawd. I hate you but love you all at the same time.

Oh come could so revert to cannibalism if you had to. (Clearly, I won't be eating your skinny ass if we're ever in that count your blessing that you have no meat to offer.)


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh about the face injury and church directory photos! One of our friends was getting ready for their family church directory photos. The baby wouldn't stop crying, so her husband took one of the baby toys and stuck it on his forehead (it had a suction cup). Well, he pulled it off and right smack-dab in the middle of his forehead was a huge red circle. Showed up in the photos clear as a bell! It was hilarious! Hopefully Alivia's will fade before then :-)

The Tales from the Fairy Dust said...

Cute photos and DANG momma! 116!!! You go!! You're killin' me :) As always an adorable post :)

Sazzle said...

Her face AGAIN?! Poor thing. Maybe she should wear a helmet all the time :)

Jessica said...

Those sweet babies remind me of my twin cousins. They're TWO now and it's so hard to believe. I remember being there the day they were born - teeny tiny!

Ange said...

OMG! Something else you and I have in common; you weigh the same as my left thigh!

Llama said...

The little twins are sooo super cute! Poor Alivia!! I hope she feels better soon!!

blueviolet said...

Look at those sweet babies! Poor Alivia really scuffed her face good...

I'd choose the roller coaster too. It would be a one time thing...the fart jokes would be forever.

Cara Smith said...

It's always before pictures! If it's still there, a little makeup should cover it up.

Melissa said...

We were at an event last Monday and Hayden fell down some concrete steps. It was not good. His head swelled up where he had hit it on the step. But you didn't really notice it because it was sortove under his hair. Well, then on Friday this bruise started to form near his eye up toward where the swelling had been. I guess it had just taken a while to show!

It's not pretty.

The puke. Nasty. Was that in the car?

Holding the babies. ADORABLE!

And I don't think you had to share your weight, but good for you for feeling comfortable with it!

Amy said...

Poor Alivia:(

I think she'll be fine in time for the pictures though. Kids are so "new" that they heal quicker than us! My son will gash some body part open and he is fine within 48 hours. Me on the other hand...I get a bruise and it's there for 3 weeks!

Lil' Woman said...

Oooh that looks bad...hope it clears up before the pictures.

Sparkling said...

I love #6 because it's a question I've thought of many times. It 's the question would you rather lose your hearing or your sight? Really a toss up.

Anonymous said...

Poor kiddo. You can always cover it with makeup if it doesn't look better by picture time.

Meghan said...

Your girls just crack me UP! Seriously. And those baby twins? Please send them my way - they are so smushy and adorable!

Jen said...

Those babies are stinking cute!!

Poor Alivia, that girl just can't catch a break can she??

I'm glad you couldn't eat another person. No way I could either!!

Amy Lynn said...

Oh man... that last question is gonna bother me now too! wtf!?!?!?

Alivia needs a giant bubble to live in- just sayin'!

MrsDixon said...

You guys look so cute! Your daughters are so beautiful- just like mommy! And I want to steal those little twin babies!

Deepali said...

Your girls are beautiful, despite the face bruise. Also how do you manage to weigh only that much after birthing two children? Please share. :-)

Amanda said...

Alivia looks so proud of her injury!
I weigh 116 pounds too! At least I do in some of my pictures from high school. That counts - right?

Powdered Toast Man said...

I think you mixed up your last answer. I think you mean eating babies and smelling chocolate.

Thanks for linking up.

Yankee Girl said...

I talk about my weight all the time. I don't really care if people know how much I weigh.

I think I would prefer the really bad gas. I work with all men, so I know I would be able to blame it on one of them!