Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bike Lesson.

Did you ever read the Bernstein Bears book "The Bike Lesson?" It was one of my families favorite books growing up. In fact, my parents actually still have it and my Dad and Alivia read it together a few weeks ago. In the book, Papa Bear is trying to teach Brother Bear how to ride a bike. He keeps telling him different rules of riding a bike, and then showing him how to do it. However, Papa Bear keeps doing the exact opposite of his rules and ends up falling over, riding too fast, etc... We used to laugh and laugh at that book! Thinking back, I don't know if it was actually that funny or if it was just funny because my Dad thought it was hysterical.

This week we had our very own version of "The Bike Lesson." I think we've decided that teaching a child to ride a bike is one of those instances in which you wish you had a handbook. Maybe they do have one? Teaching your child to ride a bike for dummies? Well anyway, without further ado I give you:

So, at 5 years old she's officially on her way to having a mode of transportation to run away from home. Do kids still say they're going to do that? Maybe not, I know Hillary and I thought about it a few times, and the bike was always going to be our transportation! We'll see...


Christa said...

What a cute video! Thanks so much for commenting about what color I should paint my living room! Your bathroom sounds pretty! I was thinking how maybe if I painted the window wall tan and the TV wall red...how that would look?

Have a great week!

Christa said...

Thanks for the advice! :) Yea...I am planning on just painting one wall and leaving the others how they are in the picture. If you have a picture of your bathroom I would love to see it...my email is christaclampitt@yahoo.com

Hillary said...

If we wanted to run away together now on our bikes, that would be a really long ride. I'm pretty sure we could just be found at the nearest Loft.

Way to go Alivia!!!

Umm, and if I remember correctly, I was going to live in the treehouse and you were going to bring me leftovers.

Abbie said...

You have a blog for me to stalk! I had no idea! What fun. I'm going to add you to my list now.
Oh, and congratulations to Alivia!

Laura and Ryan said...

I just found your blog through Christa's and I love the way you spell your daughters name. I have been saying I wanted to name our (hypothetical) daughter Alivia and call her Ali for the longest time!