Sunday, August 23, 2009

I’m not saying a word.

Okay, I admit it, I am the worst blogger ever. It’s not that I have nothing to say either, really I do…

I could tell you about the 5K which I ran last month, and placed 2nd (or 3rd, depending on how you look at it) in my age group. But, if I told you about that, you might be jealous of my mad running skills.


What if I told you about how I was so excited after the 5K that I decided to train for a half marathon in October? However, if I told you about that I would also have to tell you about how I may have to give up due to shin splints and a popping painful left knee...and I wouldn't want you to think I am a quitter, would I?

Maybe you would like to hear about my baby girl turning 4 years old this month, and the 72 cupcakes I made and 3 birthday parties we had? But if I told you that, then maybe you, along with the rest of the world might ask me when I'm going to have another baby. And then I would have to slap you, and we don't want that, do we?

I bet you would love to hear about how one of my breast implants has somehow rotated and flip flopped around in the capsule it's supposed to be nicely tucked in. But, then you might ask me how it happened and when I tell you I don't know, you might conjure up perverted ideas and suggestions of what I may have been doing when it happened.


I know! I could tell you about our wonderful trip to The Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City with my parents in which we also went to the world famous "Moomer's Ice-Cream?" That might make you hungry for ice-cream, and jealous of the chocolate-no-bake ice cream I had, so I guess I won't bring that up.


Maybe I should mention that we celebrated my Mom’s birthday yesterday with a mini surprise party at Graydon’s Crossing – Derby Station. The very same place we had my 29th surprise party just 9 short months ago. I shouldn’t say that though, because then you might realize my 30th birthday is just around the corner!



I probably shouldn’t post the above picture either, with my parents and my sister and brother. If I post that picture you might see that my sister is pregnant with her 4th child!

Ok, here is a little known secret…Shawn and I have been doing the “Love Dare” book from the movie “Fireproof.” It’s an awesome book, and the movie is very powerful too. However, doing it together, instead of individually has proven very difficult. I shouldn’t tell you that though because I would hate for you not to try taking the “Love Dare” yourself!


Maybe I will tell you that the reason I have been too busy to blog is because we’ve been soaking up every last minute of summer, since these two cuties will be starting school in almost a week!


Actually, I’m not going to tell you that because then I would have to admit that summer is nearly over!


Amber said...

GREAT Post!!! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Christa said...

Cute post! That's awesome about the 5k you ran! I am jealous! I need to get back into shape! Glad your doing good...I am soakin up every last minute of my summer too!!

Shawn said... have been busy this bad it only gets busier when school starts..Love you...

Abbie said...

I was about to send out a search party for you. So glad to see new pics! You're correct that some of that did not need sharing (e.g., the fascinating implant story), but, with that said, I think those little nuggets of your's are too cute not to share with the world. By the way, they could be sisters with your sister's girls. Oh, and one more "by the way," I've run 3 marathons on bad knees and I can tell you, from my experience, not so much worth it. The problem is that darn running is so addictive! Good luck with the tough choice!
Let's try and pick up the blogging a bit, eh?!

Hillary said...

Love it, and it's about time!! Don't give up running though, I have the perfect shin splint remedy for you! Keep blogging and we'll talk soon.

Elise said...

Hello - LOVE your blog - thank you so much for sharing such great writing and pictures. Best wishes !