Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Little Miss Bossy


Do you remember this book as a child? I don’t remember the exact content of it, but I do remember reading it. If I were to write this book today, the cover might look something like this:


One of the nice things about having two daughters close in age is that they entertain each other. So, you can imagine I was little curious as to how my days with Lainey would be, now that Alivia is in school all day. Today was only our first day together, and Lainey definitely enjoyed having the spot light to herself.

This morning…

Lainey: “Mommy, let’s go buy my school supplies!”

Me: “We were going to go to the Y this morning.”

Lainey: “Yeah, well, we need to get my school supplies and that will probably take all of our time up.”

(she did need school supplies, but was using that as a way to get out of going to the gym)

Lainey (while at the store): “Oh, I really want a new blanket for my bed.”

(I did break down and buy both girls a new comforter for their bed, but they actually did need them.)

Lainey: “I’m almost 40 pounds, can you buy me a new booster seat yet for the car?”

Lainey: “I smell cookies. Do you smell cookies? Why does it smell like cookies in here? I’m hungry.”

This afternoon…

“I didn’t want my peanut butter and jelly’s cut like dinosaurs.”

“I don’t want to eat the white part of my cheese stick, I don’t like white cheese anymore.”

“Can I have some of your lunch? I love that kind of pizza!”

“Let’s play school.”

(3 minutes later) “Let’s play parade.”

“When is Alivia going to be home?”

“Who is bringing Alivia home?” (I’ve told her this 100 times)

“What time is it? What time is Alivia coming home?”

“I hear knocking and voices downstairs, do you hear that? Go check to see who it is!”

“I want to go outside.”

“Why are you changing your clothes? What are you going to wear? I don’t like that outfit.”

“When is Alivia going to be home…”

Wow, I’m really starting to look forward to preschool starting next week! Oh, and if anyone finds the part of my ear which she talked off today, can you let me know?


Hillary said...

I found your ear buried between the cookies, school supplies, and the new blanket. Who would have thought 2 children would be easier than 1!

RN Mama said...

You know, you just reminded me that after Lainey was born I did actually think 2 was easier than 1! This is going to go on for two more years until Lainey goes all day! Serenity now...

P.J.R said...

Enjoy them now they grow up so fast.Then you get my age and after 3 days with them you are ready for the nursing home.(-:I just can not seem to get used to Bug's 5 am or earlier wake up call.

Jen said...

Oh my gosh she is so cute! I love her little braided pig tales.

If I remember right I had all those books when I was younger. I remember people actually calling me Little Miss Bossy. I admit I was a bit of a control freak back in the day. I'm learning to let up a bit.

Just wondering...where in Michigan do you live? I noticed a few posts ago you talked about the Great Wolf Lodge in TC. I'm going there this weekend.

Laura and Ryan said...

How cute is she? I think it is great that they have a sister to entertain them. Brothers just don't want to hear all that jabbering! BTW- I just love the name Lainey.

I wonder if you will miss her little voice when she starts preschool?

Annie said...

haha, post made me lol. lainey is oh so cute!
hope you find your missing ear parts and have a great weekend! :)

edahlstrom said...

awwwe! this is so darn cute!! you will miss that when she goes all day! :) i DO think that 2 is easier than one...and better for them too! :)