Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cowgirls, Gaysians, and Redheads.

Hey!  Long time, no blog.  Did you miss me?  Don’t answer that.

Last week was Catholic Schools Week, so there were lots of shenanigans going on all week long with that, then on Friday Shawn and I left for a weekend in Chicago.

Here is a snapshot of just one of the “themed” days during Catholic Schools Week:


That was Friday, which was “Western Day.”  Yee-haw Cow Girl! 

The cowgirls spent the weekend with my parents, while we were gallivanting in Chicago.  They had a fabulous time, complete with Spanky’s Pizza, snow-ball bowling, Church, Applebee's, and sledding!  There was just one casualty, which happened on Sunday afternoon shortly before we came home.


Rumor has it, there was a boy involved.

Ok, back to Chicago.  We stayed at the Springhill Suites in downtown Chicago.  The view out our window looked a little something like this:


On Friday night we had dinner at P.F. Chang’s.  Here I am before we went out:


I realize this picture is blurry, but the flash was off, and apparently Shawn doesn’t have a steady hand.  Speaking of hands, it looks like I only have one, what’s up with that?  So, anyway…the whole purpose of the picture is that the necklace I’m wearing is the actual necklace I bought from Forever 21 last weekend.  Now, do you prefer that one or the boom box?  That’s also the vest I got from Banana during the same shopping trip.

P.F. Chang’s was of course, crazy delicious.  The people watching there was also interesting.  There were several people in sweat pants, a couple who let there screaming toddler run around the restaurant the whole time we were there, and a gay guy wearing a wife beater with a giant chain and one of those gang like baseball caps with the super flat bill.  This guy also happened to be Asian, so I told Shawn he was “gaysian.”  OMG, I totally cracked myself up with that one.  Don’t hate, I’m not at all a homophobe, these are just the things that come out of my mouth (and I wasn’t even drinking).

From P.F. Chang’s we went to Excalibur (freezing our asses off the whole way there):


Shawn wanted to go there to see Supernatural Chicago, which is a show there on Friday nights.  Let’s just get this out of the way first.  Nerd Fest.  Total Nerd Fest. 

The show itself was very good, but a little creepy.  The website describes it as “an hour of interactive theater featuring spirits, psychics, and devilish surprises.”  The building is supposedly haunted, and the guy who does the show, Neil Tobin, calls himself a "Necromancer."  Whatever that means.

After we made it out of the psychic realm, we found our way to The Redhead Piano Bar.  I was slightly nervous about going to a piano bar, because the last time I was at one, my night didn’t turn out so well.  I may or may not have been kicked out of the bar we went to after the piano bar that night.  But, that’s another story, which also happens to involve a blow-up doll.  Seriously.  We’ll have to save that for another day.

Back to The Redhead.  We each got a martini, mine was Eric’s Mystique.  I do believe that alcohol soaked cherry in the bottom may have been the best part.


We each only had one drink, since they were $12/each and this place was also charging us $2/each just to watch our coats.  I felt like I could have babysat my own coat for free, but the mafia looking guy at the door made the coat check thing sound pretty mandatory.

In the half hour or so we were there we also marveled at the cocktail waitresses who were wearing nothing but black men’s sports coats, black tights, and black heels/boots.  They may have also been wearing black shorty shorts, but it was hard to say for sure.  It was certainly an interesting get-up.  Here’s what I thought of it:


I was planning on doing this Chicago trip all in one post, but I guess I’ll do it in two since I’m already getting long winded.  Maybe it would have been shorter if I had left the gaysian and the blow-up doll thing out?  Oh well. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for Michigan Avenue, and why 2 Long Island Iced Teas might ruin your dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.


d.a.r. said...

Ow ow!!! Hot mama! look amazing!

Christa said...

Those martini's look so good! Sounds like y'all had a good weekend!

Kelsey Claire said...

You are one hot mama! You go girl. You are 29 and holding. I must tell you I was in Forever 21 on Friday and I saw one of the girls who worked there wear that boom box necklace. I saw it and immediately thought of you! I will have an award for you tomorrow lovely lady!

Hillary said...

I only went to RHPB once when I lived in Chicago (I was poor), but I thought it was super fun.

If you need any photos of your last piano bar experience, if and when you choose to tell the tale, let me know. I may be able to help out.

Love the vest and the necklace by the way!

mama's smitten said...

Wow you have been busy! We had Catholic school week last week too. My kids fav day was Bust a Move when they randomly played music throught the day so they could shake what their mama gave them. What a great trip , cute vest and awesome restuarants.

Laura and Ryan said...

You look so hot! Ok, maybe you have convinced me to try the spinning class ;)

Don't you hate 12 dollar drinks? All I'm saying is they better deliver when it comes to the alcohol content then! Geez!

Emily said...

That martini looks killer! Love your necklace and vest, you look awesome!

Heather said...

Your little cowgirls look so cute!

Heather said...

You look amazing! Love the vest and the post.

Erin said...

My brother-in-law lives in Chicago and it's sad but we've only been there once to visit. Great city! Sounds like you had fun. Love the vest and the necklace, and can't wait to hear about the Long Island Iced Teas!

Heidi said...

Sounds like FUN!
We used to live downtown and I recommend that next time you go to the bars on Rush Street. They're much "cooler" and less touristy. AND they don't make you check your coat:-)

Amy said...

Hmmmm...a rumored boy? Why is it that a cute boy will make us flustered and fall everytime?

Totally jealous of your long wkend in Chi-town! Love that city!!! And you look too cute! Love the necklace;)

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

You look HOT! And that's my kind a martini! Don't be talkin' about those outfits. That's what I'm wearing Saturday night! ;)

My word verification is etisity. Is my mind in the gutter or what?

Nishant said...

what their mama gave them. What a great trip , cute vest and awesome restuarants.
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Neil Tobin, Necromancer said...

Thanks for visiting Supernatural Chicago! It was a pleasure meeting you and including you in the fun.