Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Bullets.

  • The other day my Mom told me she got a fart caught in her pantyhose.  How is that possible, and who still wears pantyhose?
  • In case you were wondering, I burned 35 calories eating ice cream the other night. 
  • Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today, so apparently that means 6 more weeks of winter.  Thanks a lot Phil.  I hate that rodent.

Punxsutawney Phil Makes Appearance Groundhog a6SXixtzt0kl

  • On Friday when I was driving the girls to school I passed a truck with a sticker in the window saying “Be a Flirt, Lift Your Shirt.”  I opted not to, since the temperature was below zero, and I had my kids with me.  However, I did wonder how many boobies this guy has actually seen because of the sticker?  And, if you do lift your shirt, what do you get?  Does he throw beads out the window?  Maybe next time I see him, I might play along…I do have nearly $10,000 invested in these girls, so I might as well share the wealth.  And maybe get some free beads.
  • As of today we’ve sold 230 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  The panda is as good as ours.  But, does anyone know who is supposed to collect the money and deliver the cookies?  I must have missed that memo.
  • The picture I posted of myself last week at work, I was indeed in a blanket warmer.  That’s actually a very funny story, which may or may not have involved my boss wetting his pants, that’s yet to be determined. 
  • Shawn asked me last week if I wanted to go see Daughtry in May.  Um, does the Pope crap in the woods?  Not only do I want to see him, but I want to rub his bald head, if possible.


  • A Facebook friend of mine suggested looking up your name on Urban Dictionary.  The very first definition of Tami:  “A kick-ass girl who won’t take shit from anyone.”  Seriously?  How awesome is that?  I’m glad I have lived up to it.

Well people, I’m off to watch Biggest Loser and eat some ice cream.  I’m crossing my fingers that Jillian will bitch slap that red girl tonight.  Hey, a girl can hope.


d.a.r. said...

Lemme know if ya get any beads, haha!

And how on earth do you get a fart caught in pantyhose??

Leah said...

I want to be named Tami too. Hahaha! And how on earth can you catch fart in a pantyhose? Please ask your mom. Hahaha!

ty said...

Ummm, saw Daughtry in June. AHHHHMAZEBALLS. Saw him and Foreigner in the same night. I peed a little.

Your mom sounds eerily like my mom. The woman who once described being ridiculously hot as "I feel like one of those babies whose mamas leave them in the car and they melt." God love her.

Theta Mom said...

I love the urban definition of your name! lol

Notes From the Grove said...

One of the urban definitions of my name was SO GROSS!!! LOL! It was seriously vulgar but SO hilarious! LOL!

One of the definitions also said my name meant "tranny". WTF?

Karls said...

I too have been watching Biggest Loser (the Aussie version)... Generally, I'm eating yoghurt or icecream during the program.. is that wrong?

A Wedding Story said...

LOL about the fart in the pantyhose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary said...

What was the second definition of your name?

Shoot, is it too late to order cookies? We'll take 2 boxes of samoa's and 1 of thin mints.

Jen said...

Yeah...I totally agree. I hate that damn groundhog!! I need SUMMER!!

I totally love Daughtry. When and where is he coming? Maybe we could go together...that would be great fun huh? Do you think he would let us both rub is sexy bald head? A girl can hope :)

jill said...

you make my freaking day. love!!!! can't pick a favorite part ... the whole thing is bad-ass. happy hump day!

Amy said...

*Yeah! I totally rocked the blanket warmer guess!!!

*I spit out my coffee after reading your mom's fart in her pantyhose!

*I have a friend who looks EXACTLY like Daughtry! If you can't rub D's head at the concert, I will send you Craig:)

*According to Urban Dictionary:
Amy-"to take, hold, or steal your heart. a person who is a soulmate. a good lover".....KICK-ASS!!!

Sara said...

Love it! You crack me up! We have very similar "random" posts today!

Erin said...

MMMMmMMmmMmmmmM, ice cream! What kind?!!?

And would love to hear more about the fart stuck in the pantyhose. LOL!

Llama said...

Yummmm! I NEED some girl scout cookies to eat while I watch the biggest loser! Thin Mints please?!

Stephanie said...

Love the randomness!

AND...yes, that description fits you and always has. Fabulous!

Laura and Ryan said...

I so wish we were friends in real life so we could drink wine you can make me laugh my ass off :)

The definition of your name is perfect! Mine was 'sex on legs'.

Kristin said...

230 boxes??? Holy crap. You are Girl Scout cookie selling MASTERS of the Universe!

Fanning Flashes said...

I once had a man hold up a sign as we were driving down the freeway that said "show me your jugs". God what I would have given for a couple of gallons of milk! I'm a new follower to your blog. Very nice!

Nishant said...

"I feel like one of those babies whose mamas leave them in the car and they melt." God love her.
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