Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekly Weekend Update.

Shawn and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day last weekend in Chicago, so this weekend was all about Alivia and Lainey.  Honestly, we usually don’t go out on Valentine’s Day anyway.  We don’t have any babysitters, besides our parents, and I would never ask them to babysit on Valentine's Day.  Hello!  It’s Valentine’s Day for them too!

On Friday the girls had their Valentine parties at school.  Lainey’s was first.  They did a craft, passed out their cards, and had lots of treats.  My favorite part of the party was when one girl told another girl she didn’t want to sit by her because she had bad breath, and then “bad breath” went and hid under a table and wouldn’t come out!

Here are all the kids listening very intently as Miss Susanne gives instructions on the craft:


Lainey with her finished product:


Lainey with her BFF, Emma.  Emma was wearing skinny jeans that day and they were so stinkin’ cute!


Side note:  Emma is in love with my crush, Hayden.  There may be a love triangle here people!

Later in the afternoon Alivia had her party.  They had a yummy taco bar and fruit bar.  They made a craft too, but I guess I didn’t take a picture of that. 



By the way, I have no idea why Alivia’s lips are so reddish pink in this picture.  I thought it was something she ate at the party, but they were like that on Saturday too.  I’m thinking she’s got some lip gloss stashed somewhere!

Saturday morning I went to spin class, and when I got home I found that Shawn had tried to cut his hair.  Nice.  Very nice.  He didn’t even have to tell me.  I walked in the door, took one look at him, and said “What the fuck?”  He begged me to fix it and I said, “Nope.”

Later in the day the girls went for haircuts too, by a professional of course.  Lainey’s hair is naturally curly, but not like ringlets, more like spiral curls.  We bribed her with a sucker, and she let Kimberly do it curly for the day.


These pictures aren’t the best, but you get the idea.  Here is what the back looks like:


On Saturday night we went out for pizza, then Alivia and Shawn went to a Daddy/Daughter skate.  I wanted to take a picture of Alivia and Shawn before their “date,” but Lainey insisted on being in the picture:


Notice the pink lips?  Oh, and I have no idea why Shawn’s face is so red.  He says he wasn’t drunk, and I’m inclined to believe him since he can’t even roller-skate sober, so I doubt he would attempt it under the influence.

When Shawn and Alivia got home from their date we had dessert.  Shawn found the recipe (but I made it!) on the back of a Ghirardelli brownie mix.  You make the brownies, but bake them in two round 8 or 9 inch cake pans.  After they cool you put a layer of ice cream over them, then top with caramel and crushed cookies.  We used crushed Oreos, because we’re Oreo people here.  Omg.  It was so delicious!

After the girls went to bed we watched “The Ugly Truth” and I clipped coupons.  I know, I know, totally wild and crazy!


It was a very cute movie, even Shawn liked it!  Not to mention, I rented it for free from the Redbox!  I love that thing.

On Sunday morning the girls got their Valentine’s gift from us.  We got them each a Webkin and some candy, and they were so excited!  However, the best gift was what Shawn got me:


Um.  Yeah.  They’re already almost gone.  I hate it when that happens.  Before you say anything, I do realize that Cadbury Mini Eggs are Easter candy.  But, they are probably my most favorite candy in the whole wide world and Shawn couldn’t help but buy them when he saw somebody sneaking their Easter candy onto the shelves a week early.

The rest of Sunday was spent going to church, going out to lunch, and getting groceries.  We went to Qdoba again for lunch.  Did I already tell you I heart Qdoba?  I think I did.  We had a coupon for a free meal again, and when we paid we got another meal for free too because we had enough reward points!  Cha-ching! 

This week is a busy week and I’m not looking forward to it.  I have something going on every night…gymnastics, haircut, Ash Wednesday service (any great ideas on what to give up for Lent?), Alivia’s urologist appointment, Girl Scout’s, a birthday party… 

Oh, and there is a “date night” this Friday at the YMCA, and I’m thinking we might take the girls.  Because of all my coupon clipping we have over $100 left in our grocery budget this month!  So, we can use that money on a date.  Dave Ramsey probably wouldn’t agree with that, but oh well.  Some people clip coupons so they can save money and pay off debt.  And some people clip coupons to save money and go on a date and get laid.


Kelsey Claire said...

Loved all the pics from the girls' party! Our party was pushed back until Tuesday because of our snow day on Friday and staff development tomorrow! Way to coupon clip. I have considered doing this myself especially when I hear success stories like yours!

Hillary said...

She's totally got some lip gloss stashed somewhere!

Great weekend update and I'm also wondering how Shawn can screw up his hair? It seems pretty straight forward to me.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I'm completely with you on the cadbury bird eggs! My husband and I have to ration ourselves this time of year! Otherwise, we will be in constant, bird egg sugar comas!

Love the pics, and your funny commentary! Have a great week!

ty said...

Hahahaha. The last paragraph honestly made me (almost) pee.

Llama said...

I love the Valentine parties at your girls schools. I am also super jealous bc I missed mine at my own school because I have been so sick for the past two weeks. This last week I was the worst...totally in bed. So happy to see that they had fun...that makes me feel better! So glad that your hubby only attempted his hair and not the time my dad cut my hair in fourth grade and ill never forget my mom when she came home and saw it. I must try that brownie mix it sounds so good...and those eggs are def a favorite of mine too! I think I need to start clipping know though...i rarely find coupons anymore...where do you?

Corrie and Phil said...

I think we need a post about your expert coupon clipping? Do you stock pile? Do you use the coupons on items that are already on sale? What's the best advice?

BTW, after months of following your blog, I just became an "official follower."

jill said...

love the girls' party pics!!!! the taco bar is cracking me up ... i want one of those at a school party! and i love the curls ... your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! the sweets sound yummy ... and fyi, i bought my first cadbury egg at the grocery store this weekend! :) happy monday, friend!

Amy said...

Please come and manage my household budget!!!! I cannot bear to clip coupons nor do I have the patience for it:(