Sunday, April 11, 2010

Giant Jesus, Super-Pig, and much more.

I’m baaaaack! Did you even know I was gone? I didn’t post that I was away on spring break because Shawn told me if I did, then someone would rob our house. For real. So, I didn’t tell you. But, guess who posted on their Facebook “Yeah, only 3 more days until our road trip!” and “Can’t wait until vacation!” Um, yeah. My husband. Mr. Smarty Pants. Nice, real nice. Someone also left a full bag of garbage in the kitchen for 10 days, so now our whole house smells like up-dog!

I haven’t chosen the winner of my giveaway yet, but I’ll post on that tomorrow, pinky swear.

Until then, I took some pictures especially for you guys while I was on the road. Oh, and you might notice, the pictures stop in Tennessee, but we actually went to Georgia. There’s a very good reason for that though, but that’s another post.

My favorite, giant Jesus, can be found in Southern Ohio.


This patriotic Super-Pig also makes his home in Ohio.


If you want to visit Big Bone Lick, you’ll have to go to Kentucky. Just west of Big Bone Lick you can also find Beaver Lick State Park.


If you lived on Stinking Creek Road, you’d be from Tennessee.


You can also get a 75 cent hamburger from Scotty in Tennessee.


Just down the road from Scotty’s you can buy 1 dragon and get 2 FREE! Ok, not really, I think that sign was actually for fireworks.


Also in Tennessee is Shawn’s favorite. This cross is actually right in front of an “Adult Bookstore.”


Last but not least. Don’t ask me why, but this guy is Alivia & Lainey’s favorite. It’s your lucky day because he’s not going to be there until April 25, so you might want to check that one out!


I hope you had a great weekend, and a wonderful spring break if you were on spring break too! I didn’t comment on a lot of blogs while I was away, but I did read most of them. I hope to be back in full swing within a day or two, so don’t give up on me! I also promise to post the winner tomorrow, and to start answering all of your wonderful questions soon!


Jenny.Lee said...

HA these are awesome!

d.a.r. said...

Love it!!!

Lindsey and Thomas said...

We totally have a road out in the boonies here in Washington called Nasty Creek Road. And where I went to school in Idaho there is a park all the college kids have bonfires at called Beaver Dick Park. haha I guess they named the park after some old explorer guy. Poor guy! How would you love that for a name!

Hillary said...

Love the random pictures!!! And not to knock your blog (because it's awesome of course) but I think that is actually a dragon, not a dinosaur. details details

Amy Lynn said...

LOL! There are some strange things in that area of the states! Hope you had a good time, and I hope nothing serious happened to your camera that prevented pictures from GA!

Kelsey Claire @Lavender, Leopard, and Lace said...

You stopped by many interesting places. Loved the cross in front of the porno shop. Very interesting... Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Leah said...

LOL... your husband is indeed smart. Hahaha! I wish I can see the giant Jesus in person. He is huge. xoxo

Melissa said...

You are sneaky heading off on vacation but not saying anything about it... although your husband is right and people do read these kinds of things and plan break-ins around them... but then he went and posted about it on Facebook? Hmmmmm.

Funny pictures! There are some interesting sights out there!

Welcome back!

- Melissa

P.S. Your road trip reminded me of another part of my little number quirk: mile markers. I tend to focus on the number and how many miles to go - and I do all sorts of addition and subtraction using the mile markers. It's like a math puzzle. And again - I of course like some exits better than others because of the Exit Number. SO weird!

melissa said...

Giant Jesus cracked me up. Glad you're back!

Meghan said...

It's amazing what America has to offer. I am loving the Giant Jesus!

Christa said...

Love all the pictures! Glad you had a great trip!

jill said...

these are freaking FABULOUS! glad y'all had a good time ... missed you!!!! thanks for cracking me up, friend! i needed it to get ready for monday. :)

Cara Smith said...

Love the big cross. We have something along the same lines in the next town over from us. A place called Heartbreakers (a tittay bar) has a billboard above it that says Jesus heals the broken hearted.

Lil' Woman said...

Sweet holy huge Jesus! :)
The things you find on a roadtrip!

blueviolet said...

Welcome home! I'm very cautious about mentioning I'm away from home too...unless there's someone else staying at home while I'm gone!

Kara@Pickerill Prattle said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a great spring break! I posted that we were leaving and then got the "lecture" about being robbed. No worries---everything was still in its place when we returned!

Laura and Ryan said...

Welcome back! I hope you guys had fun! That is one huge Jesus girl!

Yankee Girl said...

I never considered that someone would break into my house if I told people that I would be leaving town. I am SURE I will think about that next time I go away for a while!

I love the pics.

One of the best things about roadtrips is seeing the random signs and locations. I once passed a town called Peculiar and one call What Cheer. Things like that always make me smile.

Sazzle said...

Love it!

How did you watermark your photos?

Trish said...

Love, love, love the photos from your trip. Exactly the way I would have photodocumented the trip! Welcome back!

MrsDixon said...

Love this!!! I want to see giant Jesus!!!

Tracie said...

There used to be an insurance agent around here named Bonnie A Horr. Her office was on Gay Street. I wish I had taken a picture before she was heckled out of town.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I am currently in Knoxville, (hubby is a PhD candidate at UT) and it is VERY common to see crosses all around Adult Book Stores, which you can find them every couple of miles! lol Hope you had a great trip!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I love road trips!! Those signs rocked. Especially the giant Jesus! He had better wach out for those power lines though!

Welcome back!!