Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let’s knock boots!

Last week, Laura (aka The Purse Blogger) awarded me with quite possibly one of the best blog awards I have ever seen.  I admit, I haven’t been faithful in accepting awards and passing them on, but this one deserved my utmost attention!  Are you ready?


Do you love it?  Apparently, now I am supposed to tell you 5 Characters with whom I would choose to knock boots with.  Awkward?  Maybe.  Funny?  Definitely!

1.  Dawson (or as my husband calls him, “James Vanderbeek”)


Seriously, who wouldn’t want to knock boots with that?  What was Katie Holmes thinking?  She should have snatched Dawson up instead Tom!

2.  Pacey (aka Josh Jackson)

josh jackson

Ok, honestly I didn’t know Pacey was going to be on my list until I saw this picture when I was searching for Dawson.  As soon as I saw it though, I thought “Shut the front door!”  Ooh la la, who wants to grab a cup of coffee with him?!

3.  Jasper Jax (aka Ingo Rademacher)


I have been lusting after him since 1996 when I first saw him on General Hospital.  Do you remember my post about how we named our daughters?  Well, the boy name we had picked out when I was pregnant was always Jaxson (to be called Jax) after guess who?!  On a somewhat related note, while I was looking for a picture for this post I found out that Ingo has a son, and according to Wikipedia, his sons name is Peanut!

4.  Taye Diggs


Do you remember Taye in “How Stella got her groove back?”  He was definitely the best part of that movie!  Who wouldn’t want Taye to help them get their groove back?  By the way, the words by the arrow on the picture say “Rub his chest to smell Taye’s sexy scent.”  Apparently, that doesn’t work on a computer screen, so don’t even bother:(

5.  Chris Daughtry


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I realize he’s not really a character since he isn’t an actor, but whatever.  I had to put him on the list though, because tomorrow he is going to be my free pass.  Why?  Because tomorrow is finally the day of the Daughtry concert!  Woohoo!  Should I make a sign that says “Hey Chris, let’s knock boots!”?  I kid, I kid.  I don’t think Shawn would approve. 


And now…to pass on the award.  Let’s see…

1.  Contradictions of an Obsessive, Over-Analytical Dreamer

2.  The Doll House

3.  Adventures of a Yankee Girl

4.  Confessions of a Semi-Slacker Mom

5.  You're lucky I don't have a gun...

  (This is not the actual name of her blog, but rather her username, but it cracks me up every time I see it!)


I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!  I can’t wait to see Lifehouse and Daughtry tomorrow!  We will also be busy this weekend with yard work and maybe going to the beach.  If you remember, could you please say a prayer for my Grandma?  She was in the hospital, and was moved to an assisted living facility today.  At 87 years old, she has always lived on her own, so I have a feeling this may be a difficult transition for her.  Your prayers would mean a lot, thank you! 


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

OMGGGGGGG. i feel like carrie on prom night. obviously, the belle of the ball!!!

thanks soooo much for the plug! i'm already thinking about my top babes... post to come.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

shits, i got so essited with my shout-out, i didn't get to read the rest of your blog.

i hope everything goes smoothly with your grandma. i'll put in a good word with my friend, The Lord, and see what he can do.

Hillary said...

So sorry to hear about Grandma B. I hope the transition goes well, we'll be thinking of her.

And as for your guys... yum!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

My grandmother is moving into assisted living this week, so I totally know where you're coming from. The place is very nice, but it still kinda reminds me of my dorm.

You are such a nut! Dawson's Creek much? I'll get right on that list! But I'm changing it to "Hook Up"! My momma & the school teachers read!

Melissa said...

I'm sorry about your grandma. That can be a hard transition.

As for who you would knock boots with... you just wished you could have been at Dawson's Creek! I admit that I LOVED that show. Seriously. I was obsessed. Loved it. I remember this one scene in which Joey was laying down asleep and Dawson could have kissed her (and I don't think he did) - I always fantasized that that would happen to me someday. It never did - but it always seemed so sweet and romantic.

Now I watch Joshua Jackson on Fringe. Lovely!

Do you know who I think is super cute? Rob Lowe. Serious hotness. A little old for me (i think he is in his mid '40s and I am 28 - but still... super hot).

Shell said...

Too funny! Pacey was on my list, too. As was Peter Bishop(same actor in Fringe). Now, that is dedication. I claim him. ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!! Great choices! So jealous you get to go to Daughtry...have fun!

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother. She is in my prayers. xoxo

Erin said...


Sending lots of thoughts, prayers, and HUGS for your Grandma. I hope everything works out okay....

Love your award and this list. I got to meet Laura/Purseblogger today! Stay tuned for pics & post!


Amanda M. said...

Oh, I am sending up prayers for your grandmother. <3

Have a beautiful weekend - we are supposed to have awesome weather!

Lil' Woman said...

The things I would do to Taye Diggs, I would never be considered a lady ever again!

Natalie said...

LOVED Dawson's Creek.. I watched it every week when it was on & then watched the reruns every day when they were on. They were one of the things I remember most of my last pregnancy- drooling over Dawson & Pacey. I'll keep this comment G rated & not go into what my over hormonal pregnant brain concocted..

anywho- Ingo's a hottie isn't it? I still watch GH all the time & he's still as cute as ever. But Peanut? Really? What's the middle name? Shell?

Meghan said...

I am most definitely saying a prayer for your grandmother!

And wow - what an award! I love your choices! I've always been a HUGE Pacey fan!!! Dawson was always too brooding for me.

Have an awesome time tonight! I remember seeing Lifehouse in college, many moons ago...they rocked!

Taylor-Made Wife said...

ummm..hell yeah. This award is fantasic. Thanks for the love girl! I will put in a few words to the Big Man for your Grandma. I bet she turns out to rock it!

Yankee Girl said...

Holy BALLS! That is the best award I have seen in so long! Thanks for passing it on to me...I cannot wait to post who I would knock boots with.

By the way, I would totally do Ingo...and Pacey...and Taye. They are all kinds of yummy.

Jessica said...

Taye...oh my goodness!

My mom and I make comments about him on every Private Practice Show!

I must say your list had me licking my lips!

Christa said...

Haha love it! I remember LOVING Dawson and Pacey growing up!

Have fun at the concert! And I will be praying for your Grandma!

DREW'S MOM said...

LOVE your list!! Can't believe you're lovin' the Dawson's Creek boys too.. Lol. And Taye Diggs.... YUM

Amy Lynn said...

AHHHH! How hilarious is this!?!?!? LOVE IT!!!

Prayers for Grandma...

Corrie and Phil said...

Thinking of your grandma and family!

I don't remember Josh Jackson being that good looking. Nice choices.

Mrs. Pick said...

Ooooooo! I love your picks!
Have a great weekend! Lifehouse and Daughtry---I'm jealous! I love them both!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I will say a prayer most definitely. Have a wonderful weekend!!! Now I have to check out the gun blog, she sounds funny!

Tracie said...

I hope everything is going ok for Grandma and that you're enjoying your long weekend.

Anonymous said...

I am SO with you on Taye! Shortie or not, that man is smokin'!! ☺

MrsDixon said...

OMG! I am so behind on....LIFE! Thank you for including me in this award! You are the very bestest!

Erin said...

love this. Too bad I don't think I would knock boots with any of them. Maybe Daughtry.