Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Minute: Is it too late to learn to pole dance?

MondayMinuteButtonSMALL (I despise this button, but I don’t think Ian would really care if I told him)


It’s time for another Monday Minute with Ian and this week’s co-hostess Jenn from Brown Eyed Girl.  I have to admit, I know nothing about Jenn, so go check her out for me and let me know how she is!  Just kidding, well, kind of. 

On with the questions!

1.  Describe your life in one word.

Only one word?  Seriously?  Fine.  No, wait, fine wasn’t my word.  I was just saying, fine, I’ll choose one word.  I’ll shut up now.

  My word is:  Blessed!

2.  Is there something you wish you had learned how to do as a child?

Pole dance?  No really, um…  I guess I wish I would have kept up with piano.  I took lessons for several years, but didn’t take it seriously (at all!) because my Mom was making us take the lessons.  I wish I had kept up with it, but I don’t know why.  Now that I think of it, I bet you could make more money in a night of pole dancing than in a night of piano playing!

3.  Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

Definitely, my parents because I truly am who I am today because of them.  But, other than my parents, my Grandma Flo.  She was honestly the most kind hearted and giving person I have ever met.  I only hope I can be half the wife and mother she was. 

Here is an old picture of she and my Grandpa with all 17 of their grandkids:

Moon family

(If you count, you’ll only find 16 because my sister was hiding behind the tree!  Can you find me?)

4.  What is your greatest dream/hope/aspiration?

My greatest dream was to have children. 

5.  Do you believe you have reached your potential?  Why/why not?

Well, crap.  I hope not!  I’m someone who is always striving to do better in all areas of my life, so I think feeling like I’ve already reached my full potential would be a very depressing existence!


P.S.  This post is late going up, because guess what?  One of my children had to get stitches this morning!  You’ll never in a million years guess who! (insert sarcastic laugh and snort here)


Ange said...

Only you and I could find a way to slip "pole dancing" into our answers for this weeks questions.

FYI: I have two poles in my house, so if you ever come to San Antonio, we can practice, then go out and make some money!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I want to learn how to pole dance!

Jessica said...

When I read the "Have you reached your potential question?", I mentally answered "yes" for myself and then I realized that I hoped I was lying (yes, to myself). I sure as heck hope I haven't reached that at 21...Lord have mercy!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Yeah. I'm sure you can make more $$ pole dancing! And you are the one in the argyle behind Grandpa. I can't wait to hear the stiches story.

Melissa said...

I don't like Ian's button either - but I don't think he cares. Oh well.

A lot of our answers were the same. Wow. Seriously - wow. That is weird.

Stitches? That will make for a lovely blog post. I want to hear all about it.

* Tyly * said...

Stitches?! I can't wait to hear this one!

And having to shit mid-half marathon is NOT something I would suggest. It was not fun at all! Haha! I am going for my redemption race in December, and let's hope that one is completely free of all things bowel movement. :)

The dog we have now is a puggle, and I LOVE him to pieces. He is such a happy, loving dog, and he couldn't harm a fly if he tried. I trust him completely around all people {babies and kids included!} and animals, so I figure why fix it if it's not broken?! I have seen pictures of black ones, and ohhhh! They are soooo cute. Max looks more beagle than pug, and I hope my future one is the same. Pugs are very cute, but it's a bit odd to put a pug face on a beagle body. My baby is so handsome. :) Although he could stand to do the birthday challenge with me, as he is a bit of a fatty.... :)

Tracie said...

Is Semi-Slacker righ? That was my guess, too.

I hope I haven't reached my potential yet! I'd like to think there's something to look forward to in life.

Meghan said...

Stitches? What happened?

And I totally think you should pole dance - my friend takes classes and she swears it's the greatest work-out ever!

The Kid said...

Never! Never too late!

When I was a kid, I reaaaally wanted to be a karate/kungfu fighter :)

20 years later I have joined Jujitzu classes :)

Carrie said...

I have heard that pole dancing is great cardio. I'm pretty sure my husband would be supportive of any desire to take THOSE classes :)

Happy Monday!

Hey, maybe you should design a NEW button for Ian to use. Something girly ;)

Aimee said...

Great answers. You are too funny

Imagine if little kids took pole dancing classes? That would be scary... Its never too late to learn pole dancing. That is one of the classes I am hoping to take soon. That along with middle eastern belly dancing.

Anyway sorry about your kid and stiches...thats never fun

The Random Blogette said...

I want to learn how to pole dance too. If I had room in my bedroom, I would so invest in a stripper pole! I am not a fan of Ian's button either. Brittany at NYAT made that button, but she also made a pink one with a city as a background that I have used before too. She made them both when she co-hosted.

Cristy said...

How in the world could I not read your blog today?? It had the CATCHIEST title I've seen in a while! haha.

From someone who has been playing piano for 21 years and even got a minor in college, have you ever thought about taking lessons now? I LOVE's the best hobby ever because you can do it even when you're 90.

blueviolet said...

I totally agree with you about not saying you've reached your potential. That would be a crazy thing to do!

Blessed is the perfect word!

Lil' Woman said...

I want to learn how to pole dance....I saw their 'championship' online and wow some of those girls can freakin' move, that has to be a great workout!

Sparkling said...

k-ster would LOVE for me to want a stripper pole like they keep advertising on TV. every time it comes on he suggests it. what you don't know, and what he conveniently forgets, is that we live in a 200+ year old house. That means that if there was a ceiling and floor anywhere in the house that were both level enough to make the pole stand up, the chances of either the floor or the ceiling remaining intact while I twirled around are pretty scary. My theory is that just as I get whipping around or hanging by my ankles, it would poke therought he ceiling, rip its away across and i'd fall into the tv. i have the same fears about those chin up bars that you "hang in any doorway", but they haven't been to my house to see my coroked doorways.

Jen said...

I liked all your answers! Stitches...again! Wow!

Respectfully Yours said...

You are funny, I enjoyed your answers. I found you through Menapousal New MOM....

Heidi said...

Just have to say that the Tami in that picture is how I will always picture you. So cute!

Jenn said...

thanks for linking up yesterday...and for coming by my blog to check me out for yourself! :)