Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy 101


Hey guess what?  I’m famous again!  Ok, not really.  But, I did get this award from Semi-slacker Mom, who is actually anything but a slacker.  Apparently, I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy, so without further ado…

1.  My Family.DSC_0116This includes my whole entire family too, even my parent’s who if they tell me one more time about how a drunk lady threw up right in front of them at the Brad Paisley concert, I’m going to start blocking their calls. 

2.  Ice Cream.

0004190006576_215X215Specifically, Chocolate Moose Tracks ice cream.  Shawn and I just discovered this little gem, and I honestly have no idea how I’ve made it this far in my life without it.  For real.

3.  Sunshine.


The sunny days in Michigan during the winter are few and far between, so when the sun does shine everyone seems a little bit happier.

4.  Shopping.  No explanation needed there.

5.  Spinning.i_love_spinning_heart_custom_personalized_button-p145216758231952529t5sj_400You knew I was going to say that though, right?  Come on, I didn’t want to disappoint you!

6.  Reality TV.


I mentioned most of my reality TV faves last weekend, but I realized I left out “Tough Love” on VH1, which I love love love!  Is anyone else watching?

7.  Daughters who are 21 months apart.


Finding out you’re pregnant with #2 after #1 just turned one can be kind of a kick in the crotch…but, now that they’re 4 and 6 and can play upstairs all afternoon without  even making a peep, now that is priceless.  Mind you, I said they don’t make a peep, but there is occasional crashing of furniture and stomping of feet…but as long as they leave me out of it, it’s all good.

8.  Date Night with my hubby.  These are few and far between, but in less than two weeks we are going away for a whole weekend by ourselves!  Our kids are old enough to stay home by themselves, right?

9.  Working.  Yes, I said working.  I only work two days a week though, so who couldn’t be happy about that?  Especially when you make it as much fun as I do!

n814145047_5787707_4866147 *Bonus points for anyone who is not in the medical field, but knows what that is!

10.  Blogging, like duh.  Even though my husband thinks I waste a lot of time on the computer writing my blogs, and reading yours, it still makes me happy!  P.S. Occasionally throwing him under the bus on my blog makes me kinda happy too.

And now, 10 bloggers who make me happy (even though you all make me happy):

1.  Jill at "The Young and the Precious"

2.  Amy at "Goodbye 20's...Hello Botox!"

3.  Hillary at "Running with Sanders"

4.  Kelsey at "Lavender, Leopard, and Lace"

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6.  Christa at "According to Christa..."

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8.  Mama's Smitten

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10.  Leah


d.a.r. said...

I think kiddos spaced that close is perfect :) My bro and I are 3.5 years apart and I hatttteeeddd it!

Thanks for the tag :)

Leah said...

Yay... I'm glad I make you happy. Hahaha! Congrats on the Happy award... reading your blog posts never fail to make me smile or laugh most of the time.

Christa said...

Thanks for the award!! That Chocolate Moose ice cream looks good!

jill said...

thanks for the shout-out friend! not a freakin' clue about the little box you're sitting in... but i'm going to show it to my sister and see if she knows since she's a nurse. :) and i am INSANELY jealous that you only work 2 days a week. dang kids. (mine, not yours.) ha!

happy wednesday!

ty said...

i wish i knew what the giant refrigerator looking device is that you're in ... but alas, i'm a lowly law student, and the only medical devices i know of are what can be found in an emergency room. i'm ridiculously accident-prone.

Notes From the Grove said...

Is that thing you're in like a giant sterilizer or something?

Hillary said...

Little does Ty know, you can find those things in ER's, I know this for a fact. And...does Notes from the Groove think you need to be sterilized? I'm just saying:)

Great blog, thanks for the tag, and I couldn't agree more regarding reality TV and date nights!

The Belt's said...

I would say what your sitting in heats the blankets that you get while waiting to go to the OR. I've had a few of those on me when I had a c-section with my kiddo! I absolutely love your blog. You are hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Happy to read your blog today! And, yep, I think it's a blanket warmer, looooooove those cozy warm blankets when you're ice cold from the fear of what's about to happen next (they do help a little!). Love your blog! (Found you through Jen's blog)

Amy said...

Yay! 'Ya picked me!!! Thank you, hun!
That contraption (before you even asked) reminded me of the thing they used to get the warm blankets out of when my son was in the NICU. We use to kangaroo and the nurses would cover us in warm blankets! It was heaven!!!

Am I close?

Jen said...

Hey, thanks for this!! You are great!! I'm going to use it for my post tomorrow. You rock!!

Stephanie said...

I'm sad that I didn't get a shout out - but I deserve it because I have been an awful blogger and blog follower lately!
Just need to add that : I LOOOOOOOOVE Tough Love! Plus, I love Steve from Tough Love! I think I need to be on the show!

Llama said...

Aw! You are just the sweetest! Thank you so much! You make me happy too! You are def. one of my most favorite bloggers. I think it is so completely adorable that your girls are so close...i hope to have that some day with my kids. :)

mama's smitten said...

Not even sure that you get this .... a few weeks later...I'm the slacker! Your so sweet! The feeling is mutual! BTW is that some sort of towel warmer?