Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let’s chew the fat.

Is anybody watching Biggest Loser?  For whatever reason, I don’t care as much for the show when they do “couples.”  What do you think?

This post was originally going to be about the people who have been kicked off, but I just have to talk about something else first.  Melissa!


If you’re watching the show, then you know that last week Melissa and her husband had immunity and when they weighed in she had gained a pound.  When she gained a pound, she acted totally surprised!  Bob & Jillian said she was just “playing the game,” which was fine but they wished she would just admit to it. 

Now, this week only Melissa’s husband’s weight counted for their percentage to be above the yellow line.  And surprise, surprise!  She only lost one pound.  When she saw the one pound she started talking about how discouraged she was and how she just wanted to go out and “eat a cheeseburger!”  Bob & Jillian got pissed and told her they knew she “threw” the weigh-in and wished she would just admit to it!  It escalated from there and Melissa said she was being honest, and didn’t like being called a liar, and blah blah blah.

So, what do you think?  I totally think she threw it, but my husband seems to disagree.  Come on, at one point when they were yelling at her she was actually smirking!

Ok, onto what I was originally posting about!  Last week and this week, one of the mothers got kicked off.  When I saw last week that it was a mother and daughter going to elimination, I was really worried.  Do you remember the season last year with Helen and her daughter?

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	THE BIGGEST LOSER -- Pictured: (l-r) Contestants, Helen Phillips, Shanon Thomas -- NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth

Airdate: Tuesdays on NBC (8-10 p.m. ET)
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Posted: 12/22/08    (do they look eerily like the pink team this season, or is it just me?)

On that season when Helen and her daughter were below the yellow line, Helen stayed and her daughter went home.  That made me SO mad!  What made me mad was that when it came time for both of them to talk to the other players and say their opinion on who should stay, Helen only fought for herself.  Her daughter tearfully said her mom should stay too.  I don’t care how fat you are, or what you have going on at home, if you are on the show with your kid, then you fight for them to stay!  That is your job as a parent.  Ugh.  After that happened I could never root for Helen.

So, last week when the purple team (mother/daughter) was up for elimination I was so afraid that it would be a replay of Helen and her daughter.  I may have even yelled at the TV.  I may have said, “I don’t care if you can’t feel your feet (the mom had diabetic neuropathy), you go home!  And your daughter stays!”  And, phew.  That’s what happened, the mother never even thought twice about asking them to keep her daughter there.  It was the same scenario last night with Maria and Michael.

I was so glad that both these moms (and the other players) did the right thing.  When you have a child that’s what you do, it’s like the law. 

One more thing…  What’s up with Jillian’s boobs?  She is showing more cleavage than ever this season, but her boobs are just weird.  Like saggy old lady boobs, or something.


P.S.  Bob Harper is still hot, and I almost want to gain weight so I can go on the show and “hug it out” with him.  I’m just sayin’.


Amy said...

Ok, I hadn't made the connection between the two seasons pink teams...but Holy crap! The similarities are astounding!

And I agree with you 100%! You're the parent. You raised them this way! You take the harder road and go home.

It should also be noted that Helen won her season weighing in at an itty bitty 115 lbs at the finale. Sadly, her daughter looked as though she had only lost 5-10 lbs.

And yes, I would totally get fat to hug it out with Bob! I want him!

jv726 said...

I cant stand that Melissa is lying (which I totally think she is!). I don't care if you gain weight or don't lose a lot, but admit that you are playing the game for crying out loud.
And yes Jillian's boobs are weird. And yes Bob is smoking hot...But I don't think he likes girls. I'm just saying...

Jen said...

I have never really watched this show before. I tried really hard to watch last season. You know the one with the widow. But, damn it was so sad, and hit too close to home for me so I couldn't watch it. But...I did start watching it this season.

I also agree with you! You are the raised your kids to be this way, you should be the one to go home.

I also totally agree about Jillian. Her boobs are really odd looking. But i gotta say...I love her biceps! I want my arms to look like that!

Gosh, I so wish we lived closer so we could work out together. I would love to have a gym buddy!

Jennifer said...

COMPLETELY agree about Melissa! Her defensive attitude really gave it away that she knew what she was doing. If she legitimately was having difficultly, I think she would have been more emotional (rather than "i want a cheeseburger") I mean, come on, does she think Jillian and Bob were born yesterday??

Sara said...

Yep, I think she threw it. No question. You don't go two weeks in a row on the Biggest Loser and NOT lose weight.

Pink team - quite spooky. When I first looked at the picture I thought it was this year's pink team!

I ~heart~ Bob. :)

Lola Harmon-Ramsey said...

My mom and I both despised Helen when she wanted to stay and let her daughter go home. I couldn't root for her after that. How wrong. From the previews from next week it looks like they really let red girl have it. It looks like her scheme is blowing up in her face and it also looks like she might quit. I hope so. There is no reason to "play" the game so sneaky until the end when it gets closer to the finale. I think during these first weeks that whoever falls below the yellow line naturally should go home. Period. You lose more weight, you get to stay. I think Jillians boobs are super weird, Bob is super hot but not for us ladies and that Chef Curtis Stone could make me anything to eat as long as he is in my house and occasionally naked.

Corrie and Phil said...

Melissa...ugh! From the previews, it looks like she loses 28 pounds next week. They showed a snippet of her current weight (214) and then her new weight (186). If that is correct, then she "miraculously" loses 28 pounds in "one" week. Go home, Melissa!

In addition to the extra cleavage, Jillian seems extra "touch-feely" this season. More so than ever, she's all about the psycho-therapy.

What was up with Green Girl? Too much drama!

Laura and Ryan said...

Ugh...nothing more annoying that when a parent throws their kid under the bus. Something is up with Jillian's boobs..although I'm not one to talk with my pathetic boobs!

Heidi said...

Red team is totally playing the game...she was just mad because she got called on it. I don't think it's physically possible to go from the lifestyle they were leading to the "Ranch" and only lose the equivalent of 2 pounds in one week. The numbers just don't add up.
I've stopped watching it this season. I just can't get on board with these people. I get "game-play" towards the end of the season, but to start off with it in week 1 is simply wrong. Those people have serious problems. Working through those should be the focus.
Thanks for the forum to share:-)

Erin said...

I don't watch this show, but I keep hearing about it, so I might have to start.....

Llama said...

I just caught up on my dvr and I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on! I think that she was totally lying!!! There is just no way that is possible!

You are totally right...they DO look a lot like the pink team! hahah!