Friday, January 22, 2010

Mercy me.

Ok, am I the only one watching this show?


Please tell me I’m not, because if I’m the only one watching, then it might get cancelled! I heart this show, and I’m not usually a fan of medical dramas.  I do not watch “Grey’s” (isn’t that what you die-hards call it?  “Grey’s?”).  I only watched “ER” when it first started, and I won’t even talk about “Scrubs.”

I think I love this show because it’s about nurses.  Yes, some of the scenarios are unrealistic.  For instance, one week they had a patient on there who got a hand transplant, and he later found out the hand came from a child molester.  In the end, he actually locked himself in an OR, and cut the hand off!  Totally gross!  So, yes, that was completely unrealistic, but it did make me think.   

There are funny parts to the show too, and definitely some sad parts.  I usually cry every week, but that’s just me. 

So, there I was watching it on Wednesday night, and at the end of the show they say, “Stay tuned for scenes from an all new episode of Mercy coming in two weeks.”  What?!  I hate it when they do that!  I don’t want to wait two weeks!  I immediately started dropping F bombs, but then I hear “There will also be a new cast member joining in 2 weeks.”

Ok, you have my attention now.  And then it happened.  What happened?  This is what flashed on the tv:


My jaw hit the floor, and I whispered “Dawson.”  Then, Shawn said “No.  It’s James Vanderbeek.”  And I said, “No.  It’s Dawson.” 

I think he protested again with his whole “it’s James Vanderbeek” shpeal, but I wasn’t listening.  I was too busy saying “OMG, OMG, it’s Dawson!  Just when I thought this show couldn’t get any better, then there is Dawson!”

Just in case for some obscene reason you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is what I’m talking about:

Dawsons-Creek-Poster-C12178688I feel obligated to tell you that while I was drooling over Dawson, and my husband was mumbling about James Vanderbeek, I was wearing my new heart monitor for spin class.  At one point I looked down and I was totally tachycardic!  I pointed this out to Shawn, saying “look what Dawson does to me!”  At that point, he said “WTF?” and stomped out of the room.  Hater.  

P.S.  I was wearing the heart monitor so I could see how many calories I burned eating ice cream. 


Amber said...

I just TOTALLY laughed out loud over your ice cream calorie burning comment!!! You are just TOOO much:)

mama's smitten said...

I watch too! So funny that you should mention the Vanderdude?! My husband and I had no idea who he was! I think it's great show hope it doesn't get cancelled!

Hillary said...

Don't watch the show, I try to stick to realty television only, and How I met your mother.

Curious as to how many calories you burned eating ice cream though?

Erin said...

Hi there!

I was in love with Dawson, too. Sigh. Those were the good ole days.

Thanks again so much for stopping by my blog earlier! I came by to pay you a visit, too, and I'm your newest follower.


Amy said...

"My jaw hit the floor, and I whispered “Dawson.".....Girl, that line made me laugh out loud!!!!

I have been wanting to tune into this show. I've seen parts and it always looks good, but for some reason I'm not watching it!

Guess I'll have to catch it in two weeks when Dawson is on;)

jill said...

hah! LOVE you! i'm sad to tell you though, that i don't watch mercy and i don't care for dawson. but i DO like how fabulously funny you are! happy friday! :)

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Never watched it but now I think I am going to have to. I loved Dawson's creek and of course Dawson. Thanks for sharing! said...

You totally CRACK ME UP!

hmmm, I think you may be right about the icecream though :)

I was never a Dawson's Creek fan. But my hubby had a crush on Katie Holmes...ewww :) LOL!

Kelsey Claire said...

So some women who I work with watch the show. They don't know anyones name so they talk about them like girl who is getting divorced or something like that. They love it though.

So how many calories did you burn eating ice cream?

Laura and Ryan said...

LOL about your calorie burning ice cream comment :)! I haven't see the show...hmmm.

BTW- What is Tachycardic?

Leah said...

I love Dawson Creek too and yes for me, he's Dawson too. Hahaha!

Heidi said...

That's exactly what I would do with a monitor...and then get pissed that I'm still fat. Ha!