Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wandering Wednesday or Tami regrets buying a blow up doll.

In my first Chicago post a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that there may have been an unsettling evening in my past involving a piano bar.  I thought it might make a good “Wandering Wednesday” post, and for the most part, a picture is worth a thousand words.

These pictures take us back to Seattle, March 2007, Hillary’s bachelorette party.


That’s me.  On the piano.  How did I get there?  Well, aside from climbing up there…  Let’s just start from the beginning, okay?

It all started very innocently, with this:


A blow up doll.  That morning I went (gasp) with my Mom to a porn store to get a few supplies for the party.  And that is what we came out with.  Along with fur leopard handcuffs to attach him to the blushing bride.  At some point he acquired the name of “Juan.”  Here we have Juan with Hillary and Amy on the way to Chopstix, the piano bar: 


Juan drew a lot of attention from everyone.  I believe this is a random pedestrian we met while walking to Chopstix:


And here we have an innocent bystander as Juan makes a trip to the Men’s room.  Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.


Here are all the party animals:


I think this might be the beginning of my downward spiral:


Or maybe it started with the “red headed slut” shots:


Anyshot.  Here is the utter chaos that ensued:





(That cake is exactly what you think it is. In my defense, I had nothing to do with purchasing it!)


(This prevert was dancing with us all night.  We couldn’t figure out if he liked us, or Juan?)

After Chopstix, the girls and Juan went to a karaoke bar.  I went to the karaoke bar too, but was soon asked to leave.  Something about they won’t let you lay down in their bathroom.  Like how was I supposed to know that?

Amazingly, I do have one picture of Juan at the karaoke bar:


I wonder where he got those panties?


Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

These pictures are great!! That blow up doll is PRICELESS!!!


melissa said...

Oh I love a girl that will call herself out on her own blog. Hilarious! Sounds like it was a night to remember!

Hillary said...

That was an amazing night. I feel like I've never seen some of those pictures (Juan in the men's bathroom). It could be that I totally didn't remember all of the happenings though.

I do love the picture of my mom doing the shot with us, who knew she was so crazy?

You forgot to mention that Shawn had to take a cab downtown to pick you up, and that he had to actually go into the woman's bathroom to do so. That was the night your hubby may have won his sainthood.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

That's fantastic! I love Juan!

They are your underwear aren't they?!

Hillary said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that the first picture where you are sitting on the piano, your boobs look awesome!

Yankee Girl said...

That looks like way too much fun!

No wonder you were laying down in the bathroom!

jv726 said...

Ok I love that Hillary put more of the dirty details on here :) Thanks for the laugh...Bachelorette parties are THE BEST! Such a good reason to get wasted and have no cares in the world. And I also agree with Hillary that your boobs look great in the first pic...Hope that isn't creepy, I figured you talk about them, so it can't be all that bad to point them out :)

Amy said...

Y'all are my kinda girls! That looks like quite a night! And the name Juan fits your air filled friend PERFECTLY!!! He appears slightly skittish of all you ladies in most of the pics! So funny!

Taylor-Made Wife said...

OMG- that just made my day. hilarious!!!

Llama said...

HAHA! Omg! Hysterical! I am currently help to plan a bachelorette party and we were thinking of some blow up things... you have confirmed our idea. So freaking funny!
p.s. look at you on that piano! gorgeous! :)

Just Add Walter said...

omg, these pictures are hilarious!! I loved looking through them!! thanks so much for sharing!!

wishful nals said...

looks like an awesome time!!

Erin said...

Okay, I'm living vicariously through you now. Love the line about laying down in the bathroom in the bar. LMAO!

jill said...

i'm shutting down my blog. you put me to TOTAL shame! hahah! and good lord ... was there EVER a time you weren't gorgeous?!? '07 was a bad year for me ... but not for you, friend! loves to juan... that's the same nickname my dad gave hubs when we got married!

p.s. ... i've laid down in a couple bar bathrooms myself. totally not proud of it, but it's true. haha!

Jen said...

Once again you crack me the hell up! It looked like you had tons of fun that night!!

Damn, I've had a Red Headed Slut before too and I must say for somebody who doesn't like shots, it was damn good...and a start to a crazy fun night as well.

Okay, I'm also going to say this as well. I think I can because well, we text now, so I feel our friendship has reached a new level. But in a totally non creepy way...I agree, in that first picture your boobs look awesome!

Talk to you soon

Ansley said...

This looks like a lot of fun!
Although the blow up doll's mustache is a little creepy ;)

Trish said...

This post captures the events of the evening perfectly! This was by far the most fun I've had at a bachelorette party. I agree with Hillary though--I don't remember Juan going to the men's room! Did I send you the other piano pictures? I would have liked to see the one where you're lying on your back on the piano posted. Or maybe the one where you're on your knees on the piano clawing the air like a Girl, you are too much!

Hillary said...

OMG, I totally forgot about the crawling across the piano picture!!! That was awesome! Did you drive me home that night Trish?

Theta Mom said...


Check your email!!! You won my Alex and Ani giveaway at Theta Mom!!!

The Kid said...

Damn I never got a party like this for my bachelors party :(

passionofthemom said...

OMG, that looks like the best b-ette party EVER!!! Am jealous...;) GREAT GREAT photos!!! xD

WV - alperki, to which I say...WTF??!?

Ian said...

Holy batfuck mother of donkey kong's dad this POST RULED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!